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Help your customers bring home their favorite photos in a personalized photobook, calendar, canvas or other photo product.

  • Gift your customers unforgettable holidays
  • Import hundreds of printable templates or create your own
  • Free integration and setup
  • Worldwide shipping and fulfilment center

Instant Design Tool for travel agencies

Holiday themed cliparts

Start selling memories for every journey

As a travel agent, you want to make sure that your clients enjoy their holidays to the fullest, whether in a bustling city or on a remote island.  With our personalization software, you can easily create dozens of templates to help your customers customize and share their unique holidays with pre-set themes and cliparts. You can let them be creative offering a blanc canvas to import their memories. All they need to do is digitally create their photo album and purchase it from you.

Connect with your customers´ social media platforms

Allow your customers to easily import photos of their holidays directly from their social media accounts. They will then be able to create the photo album that most perfectly suits their last journey, sharing memories and adventures with family and friends. 

Phone exporting photos into Instant Design Tool editor
Instant Design Tool setup process and implementation

Set up your own design tool that matches your brand identity

Getting started is easy! Request the tool and personalize it with your own brand style and colors.  You can choose between a variety of pre-existing products such as photo albums, posters, or canvas, as well as a variety of materials to offer the best variation that will suit every type of traveler.   You can also add your very own custom-made articles by adding new products you wish to gift your customers.

Profit from personalisation and photo gifts

Customized holiday photos and mugs

The industry of tourism is everchanging. That's why it is important to be able to provide the latest service to your customers. As a travel agency, you could use our design software to launch and customize unique offers to stand out from your competitive market. For example, you could offer a unique vacation to celebrate Christmas, adding the possibility to let your customers customize and receive a Christmas decoration with the photos of their holiday upon their return home! This way, you´ll be selling unique memories along with unforgettable vacations.

Let your customers choose out of a variety of products to make their latest holiday a memorable one. Instant Design Tool offers you an ample array of print-on-demand possibilities. Whether on a photo album to share with family and friends or on a photo frame to decorate the living room, let your customer choose how to treasure at best their vacation.

Instant Design Tool editor products
Forklift parked in a warehouse

Thanks to our printing partners' facility and print-on-demand service, you will not need to worry about all the hassles of shipping. If you wish, we can offer a complete fulfillment center to ship your products directly to your customers' addresses. To better match your business identity, we offer entirely white-label worldwide shipping.

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