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    Sell photo products, engravings & more

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    Smart features

    Maximize your conversion rate

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    Plugins and API

    Easily integrate with your website

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    Optional production fulfilment

Easy product personalization for your e-commerce store

The customization market encompasses diverse customers with varying wishes and needs. At Instant Design Tool, we specialize in developing design programs that seamlessly align with your customer journey, resulting in the highest possible conversion rates.

Our tools are designed for effortless integration into your website, with plugins available for Shopify and WordPress / WooCommerce. Additionally, we offer API support for custom integrations in any site. Learn more about our integrations and how they can benefit your business.

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    World-class UX

    The fastest and easiest-to-use personalization tools on the market.

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    High conversion rates

    Our products will make you just as happy as they will make your customers.

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    Innovation at the core

    You can always expect a new feature or module to be on the way.

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  1. Lionstyle website

    A company that genuinely collaborates with you, providing swift responses, and is also capable of delivering custom products.

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    Hugo van Leeuwen

    Founder of Lionstyle

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    Support from Instant Design Tool has been very pleasant so far. Phone calls and emails are answered really quickly.

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    Charlotte Heijmans

    Founder of Studio Kunstwerkjes

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    We could generate orders within a short period of time. The tool worked great and the fast implementation was important for us.

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    Robin Streng

    Brand manager at

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    Customers have a positive experience designing their products, and we want to inspire them by offering our own unique fun themes.

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    Saskia Kiss

    Online Marketeer at

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