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Photo enhancement module

Get optimal print quality and reduce return rates with this automated module. Available as an add-on to our design tools or as a standalone solution. Various enhancements will be applied on a per-photo basis for the best possible screen-to-print result. Every print is vibrant and matches customer expectations while remaining natural.

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Solution description

The cutting-edge of AI technology for enhancing photos from screen to print. Maintain natural vibrance, shadow detail and resolution. It's all fully automated in the background: you or your customers won't have to do anything. Available as an add-on to all of our solutions, as well as standalone via a cloud-based API or on-site software.

Pricing options

Pricing for our Photo Enhancement Module depends on various factors, like expected volumes, install type and the amount of customization required. Kindly reach out with details about your use case for a quote.

  • AI based screen-to-print enhancement
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Lower return rates and fewer complaints

Experience the same pictures from screen to paper

Before printing, photos are automatically enhanced with AI to prevent loss of detail in shadow areas, maintain natural vibrance and fix low-resolution photos. It's all automated: you or your customers won't have to do anything.

Developed in close collaboration with print industry experts and put through rigorous user testing. We tune our algorithms to the exact types of printer and paper used and solve the problems that can't be fixed with normal press profiling.

A photo of a book being printed on a press

Improve customer satisfaction

A/B testing shows that photo books enhanced by our module are rated 10-20% more favorably. Furthermore, using our module can reduce return rates by as much as 20%.

Visualisation of an increase in customer satisfaction and repeat orders

Fully automated, no input required

Whether used as an add-on for one of our design tools, or as a standalone solution: our photo enhancement is a fully automated background process requiring no user input.

Visualization of automated photo enhancement

Enhance low-res photos with AI

Like magic, fix blurry or pixelated photos with AI upscaling. Our AI is best-in-class as it was trained on real-world data reflective of real consumer photo products.

Visualization of AI upscaling

Built on industry expertise

Working with our printing partners, we developed creative solutions that optimize photos for a given combination of device, machine and material, yielding print results not previously achievable. Ship absolutely stunning prints that truly reflect the emotions and experiences from when the pictures were taken. And thanks to hardware acceleration, photos are processed in only a fraction of a second.

Photo of a quality test sheet




Tool add-on
  • Available for all our solutions
  • No coding required
  • Staggered rollout function
  • Enhance JPEG, HEIC and PNG
  • Modern cloud-based API
  • Maximum flexibility
On-site server
  • Enhance PDF files
  • Hotfolder workflow
  • Fully offline



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