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Extensive Product Designer

Let your users create unique designs with our Extensive Product Designer. This tool comes with ready-to-use templates, clipart images and extensive photo editing options. Therefore our tool is extremely suitable for photo books, wall decorations, business cards and magazines.

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Solution description

The Extensive Product Designer is our most comprehensive design tool, offering a wide range of design options directly in the browser. It is particularly popular for creating photo books, magazines, and wall decorations. Moreover, the tool can be easily configured to accommodate other products as needed.

Whether your users are using a PC, tablet, or mobile device, our tool's responsive design ensures seamless product creation across platforms. As the software is entirely web-based, there is no need for installation, and users can conveniently access and work on their designs at any time through their personal accounts.

Pricing options
TierPricePrint files
Starter€ 250,- per month250
Advanced€ 375,- per month500
Pro€ 500,- per month1.000
CustomRequest quotation
  • Web-to-print
  • Multi device picture upload
  • Advanced text editing
  • Frames, clipart, masks and backgrounds
  • Ready-to-use designs

Ideal for...

  1. Photo books

  2. Wall decor

  3. Postcards

  4. Posters

  5. Calendars

  6. Board games

Give your users an incredible and effortless experience

The Extensive Product Designer is utilized on a daily basis by users across various sectors. We use this data to continuously enhance our tool. Each day, our team works diligently to develop the most seamless user flow in order to achieve the highest possible conversion rate.

Our tool rigorously checks designs, offering error feedback. This reduces inquiries, limits complaints and reprints, and enhances customer satisfaction.

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A screenshot of the Instant Design Tool platform, showing a variety of templates and customization options.

Images and clipart

Customers can drag and drop JPEG, PNG, HEIC and PDF files. Resize, crop, and customize images, including adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. Explore 1.000+ cliparts for unique product personalization.

Images and cliparts visual

Easy photo uploads

We've made it easier than ever to import your photos. Send photos from a phone simply by scanning our QR code. A shareable link also enables easy photo contributions from friends and family.

Cross device uploads visual

Text editing

Select, type, and transform. Choose from 100+ fonts, apply effects, shadows, and color swatches. Enhance text with bold/italic styles down to each individual letter.

Text possibilities visual

Pre-made designs

Increase conversion rates with attractive customizable designs and background patterns, with themes like summer vacation, Valentines and Christmas. Many included for free.

Background variety visual

Smart features

Explore the capabilities: bleed error detection, smart alignment and animated undo/redo functions. Import images straight from Facebook and Instagram to enhance your creativity with ease.

Smart features visual

Your branding

With our user-friendly customization options, incorporating your corporate brand into the editor is a breeze. Our platform’s flexibility ensures that your brand’s identity shines through effortlessly.

Visual of Your branding

Add the magic of AI Studio

Transform your customer experience with our innovative add-on, AI Studio, and transform how your customers interact with your products.

This powerful suite of AI applications allows users to unleash their creativity effortlessly, even without technical skills. With a user-friendly design, they can easily create AI-generated paintings, design unique stickers, or perform advanced photo editing. All within the Extensive Product Designer.

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AI Studio showcase




250 /month
  • 250 print files per month
  • Free themes and clipart
  • Single-page products
  • Multi-page products
  • White label
  • Unlimited updates
375 /month
  • 500 print files per month
  • Free themes and clipart
  • Single-page products
  • Multi-page products
  • White label
  • Unlimited updates
500 /month
  • 1.000 print files per month
  • Free themes and clipart
  • Single-page products
  • Multi-page products
  • White label
  • Unlimited updates


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