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2D & 3D Product Customizer

Enable your users to effortlessly create stunning product designs with just a few clicks. Our user-friendly 2D & 3D customizer is specifically designed to simplify the process of designing exquisite products. This versatile tool is perfect for personalizing mugs, clothing items, puzzles, and various other gift products.

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Solution description

The 2D & 3D customizer is designed to empower users to effortlessly create stunning products. Its simplicity allows customers to navigate through the design process swiftly and seamlessly. This versatile tool is particularly suitable for mugs, puzzles, glassware, and other gift products.

The customizer opens directly on the product or landing page itself. This reduces the number of clicks required to place an order, resulting in a lower dropout rate. The tool prioritizes a mobile-first user experience, enabling users to complete their designs within the same session without the need to switch to a desktop device.

Pricing options
TierPricePrint files
Starter€ 250,- per month250
Advanced€ 375,- per month500
Pro€ 500,- per month1.000
CustomRequest quotation
  • Ready-to-use product themes
  • 2D, 3D and AR product preview
  • Easy image upload
  • Engraving, apparel and print
  • Designed mobile-first

Ideal for...

  1. Textile

  2. Engravings

  3. Gifts

  4. Mugs

Enable users to craft distinctive designs effortlessly

Enable users to craft distinctive designs effortlessly. 
Our finely-tuned 2D & 3D customizer ensures swift and uncomplicated design and ordering. Integrate it into your landing or product page for a seamless experience, sparing users from navigating through lengthy routes and empowering them to start creating right away. This streamlines their journey, saving time and elevating satisfaction.

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A screenshot of the Instant Design Tool platform, showing a variety of templates and customization options.

Mobile-first design

With over 55% of internet traffic coming from mobile users, we've embraced a mobile-first design. This guarantees seamless access to essential tools for creating personalized products, erasing the need for desktop switches or app installations. This user-centric approach minimizes dropouts, boosts conversion rates, and optimizes transaction success.

Mobile-first designed

2D & 3D product preview

Explore real-time product customization with our 2D & 3D tool. See instant updates on the product page and enjoy a comprehensive 3D view for better examination. Boost conversion rates by 30% as customers can visualize accurately. Additionally reduce the return rates of products by 40% as the product is personalized.

2D & 3D product preview visual

Boost your conversions with AI Studio

Enable your current customers to elevate their experience with the AI Studio Add-on, unleashing their creativity without limits.

AI Studio offers a suite of applications that allows users to effortlessly create AI-generated paintings, design unique stickers, and perform photo editing—all without any technical expertise. Seamlessly integrated with the 2D & 3D Product Customizer, it’s easy to use and enhances creative potential.

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250 /month
  • 250 print files per month
  • Real-time 2D / 3D previews
  • Print, transfer and engraving
  • White label
  • Unlimited updates
375 /month
  • 500 print files per month
  • Real-time 2D / 3D previews
  • Print, transfer and engraving
  • White label
  • Unlimited updates
500 /month
  • 1.000 print files per month
  • Real-time 2D / 3D previews
  • Print, transfer and engraving
  • White label
  • Unlimited updates


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