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Why Instant Design Tool is perfect for retailers

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Introduce personalization to your retail business

Discover limitless possibilities by introducing the concept of personalization to your customers and start selling unique customized products like T-shirts, home décor, apparel, photo products, decoration, and custom-made gift items. Use your own unique designs and themed templates so customers can personalize their favorite products from your online catalog.

Launch or expand your online catalogue

Whether you are new on the market or a well-established retailer in the field of personalized products, Instant Design Tool has got your back. You can quickly set up a fully operational and intuitive online shop with our rapid setup wizard, and instantly expand your product line with unique products ready to be personalized by your customers.

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Mariska Buiter Intertoys

Customer cases in retail

As a result of the growing need of personalized products, Intertoys implemented the Instant Design Tool to launch exclusive customized party products, quickly rising to success by joining a new market on the rise.

Easy to integrate

Our tool is also a great way to launch or expand your online presence. Our design software can be integrated with almost any marketplace platform. We also have an exclusive WooCommerce plugin, that allows you to open your online store in a matter of minutes.

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Personalization in retail - Be a trendsetter

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As a retailer, being aware of the current sales and marketing trends is key. With instant Design Tool, you can easily import your own catalog, and respond to the latest demands by creating new products to sell to your customers in a matter of minutes.

You can let your customers personalize any product on your catalog, allowing the creation of unique products and apparel impossible to find in any other store. The possibility of adding unlimited designs further allows you to quickly be on top of the latest trending products so that your business can compete in any market sector.

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Getting started is easy! Request the tool and customize it to match your own brand identity. Choose products from our catalog or contact us if you are looking for tailored products. You can choose to integrate the tool into your website or launch it from scratch, as the tool comes with a free cart and back-office interface, making it easy to keep track of your sales, shipments, and customers' insight.

Looking for a printing facility for your retail products? As a retailer, your agenda is constantly full and you shouldn't be thinking of taking care of the logistics behind your business. That's why we offer you the fulfillment center from our printing partners’ facility, where we handle the white label packaging and shipment of the products listed in your online store. Making it easy for you to reach an international client base.

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