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Make sure that your clients' events are always memorable. With our tool you'll be able to offer unique personalized gifts for any type of event, from weddings to business meetings. This way, you'll nourish the perfect relationship with your customers for every type of event.

  • Free integration and setup
  • Suitable for any event
  • Turn your customers into ambassadors
  • Easily broaden your customer base

Turn every client into a brand ambassador

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Why Instant Design Tool is perfect for event organizers

Whether you are organizing a wedding, a business meeting, or simply welcoming visitors to your museum or attraction, you want to ensure a three hundred and sixty-degree experience.   With our personalization software, you can easily create dozens of designs to help your customers take home unique memories from their visit, turning every visitor into a brand ambassador

Supplement unique memories for every event

With our design software, you can easily let your customers edit and personalize any sort of product. Or you could use our design tool to sponsor your exclusive branded products to gift or sell throughout your events. Let your event visitors design t-shirts, home décor items, photo products, and much more, and provide them with the best experience possible.

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Execute your branding ideas

With dozens of pre-set templates and clipart, you will be ready to accomplish your brand marketing in a matter of minutes. You can easily integrate our tool on your website with our rapid setup wizard, and instantly launch your product lines ready to be customized by you or your customers. You could set up personalization stations throughout your event or offer a personalized item at the end of their visit. This way, you will be able to offer dedicated personalized items that will make your guests feel right at home.

Broaden your customer base

Customized wedding gifts

Instant Design Tool offers a variety of pre-existing products to design, such as wall decoration, photo albums, gift items, and business cards. However, we can import almost any custom-made design to make sure that your idea can be fully designed and ordered by your customers, such as polaroid photobooths, photo prints, and personalized items. Want to add a custom-made product? Get in touch with us

If you don't want to take care of all the hassle of order management and shipping, we offer a complete white-label worldwide shipping and fulfillment service to ship your products directly to your customer's address. This way, you'll only need to worry about organizing the perfect event. 

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