Webdesignhuis supports web builders through professional sales training, web content, designs and web development. They also offer complete websites with the use of their own Content Management System (CMS).

Webdesignhuis' CMS offers up to 40 modules from which a customer can choose. Every module contains a unique set of functionalities, so the customer only pays for the functionality they really need.

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We use the design tool to sell our designs to our customers

Selling designs and websites

Webdesignhuis serves both print and design studios that resell their designs and websites under their own brand name. Also web builders find their way to Webdesignhuis, because they want to increase their development capacity.



IT-lead Matthijs Kroon explains why Webdesignhuis chose to implement the design tool and how the tool has contributed to the achievement of their company goals.

“I am convinced that the tool contributes to this objective, as the functionality and design of the tool has been well thought out. This allows users to quickly master the features”
Matthijs Kroon
Objectives and strategy

Webdesignhuis was in search for a user-friendly design tool that could generate printable designs, on demand. Their search stopped when they discovered the versatility and simplicity of the Instant Design Tool, making it the perfect design software for his employees.

The reason that the tool had to be so easy to use, is because of the fact that Webdesignhuis also employs people that have a certain distance to the labor market.

High quality and user-friendly

With the help of the tool, Matthijs Kroon wants to deliver high quality service and has set the goal to accommodate at least 60 customers per week with their unique designs.

Personalization as a feature

For Webdesignhuis the strategy means a customer friendly website that offers personalizable products. In addition, Webdesignhuis offers the end customer a little extra service, the designers of Webdesignhuis create a personalized design based on the input of the customer.


Their customers can use the design tool to create designs for production work: designs for business cards, stationery, flyers, banners and posters. There are many suppliers in the same price range which only offers template designs. Webdesignhuis distinguishes itself by offering extra service through personalization.

“A lot of thought has gone into the features and design of the tool, so customers can quickly learn all the functions and its very easy to use.”
Matthijs Kroon

Integrate the tool into their customizable proposition

Quality and consistency

Webdesignhuis hopes to offer a consistent service of good quality with the integration of the design tool. Their goal is to take care of the production work of 60 entrepreneurs per week. The design tool contributes 100 % to this objective.

Experiences with the tool

Matthijs Kroon: "We are very satisfied with the tool.The tool is user friendly and well designed. We are also very pleased with the communication that we have with the development team of the tool: we are always helped quickly when we have questions or encounter problems.

“The ability to add your own designs via the tool manager is a functionality that really appeals to Webdesignhuis.”
Matthijs Kroon

The future of Webdesignhuis

Competitive advantage

As a serious player in the E-commerce market, Webdesignhuis notices that nowadays consumers expect shorter delivery times and on-demand availability of products. This expectation is already met by most companies. With the implementation of the on-demand software from Instant Design Tool, Webdesignhuis is able to capitalize on this trend. Matthijs says: "While the customer is waiting in the store of one of our resellers, we can create an on-demand personalized design within 30 minutes

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