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Studio Kunstwerkjes is an online store founded in 2023 where parents can have their child's drawings captured on a photo product such as a mug, poster or puzzle.

The webshop was founded on the idea that coloring outside the lines should be encouraged, and parents, but especially the children, can be proud of their personalized artworks.

Combining the extensive product designer with PrintAPI's print-on-demand services ensured Studio Kunstwerkjes had the right tools to succesfully enter the e-commerce market for customized photo products. 

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The Challenge

Charlotte's experience as an illustrator combined with new motherhood, gave her the idea of preserving children's drawings by printing it on products. In search for a suitable whitelabel customization tool, one thing was very important; the software needed to replace the manual task of uploading and forwarding artwork files to an API. This was an important requirement for Studio Kunswerkjes because this would grand Charlotte a certain scalability for her newly founded ecommerce business. 

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1.  A user-friendly editor
2. The option to lock certain elements in the product design template
3. Automated integration with a print-on-demand API
4. Easy integration with WooCommerce 


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“Without the tool I would've been a file transmitter and there would've been no way to scale up”
Charlotte Heijmans

Owner and founder

The extensive product designer with WooCommerce and API integration

It all started when Studio Kunstwerkjes contacted Instant Design Tool and shared her idea. Team Instant Design Tool then advised her on which software solution best suited her idea. Being able to create unique templates for customers to work with was an important requirement. After a demo for the extensive product designer, Charlotte was very enthusiastic!  Soon after, she started building her website and within a month or so, she was ready to get started with the implementation process. 

Connecting with the API

Studio Kunstwerkjes was looking for a software partner that was also able to manage the entire supply chain from start to finish. Therefore, we arranged for her to create an account with our production partner PrintAPI. With the free online portal, Studio Kunstwerkjes had insight into all product prices, delivery times and shipping costs. 

The customized artworks Studio Kunstwerkje wanted to sell, were all products already available in the catalogue, ready to sell. This seamless connection between the extensive design tool and PrintAPI saved Studio Kunstwerkjes a lot of time since the print-ready PDFs from the design tool automatically met the product specifications for on-demand printing via PrintAPI. 

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“Without the design tool my online store wouldn't be here. The design tool is the very core of my online store. ”
Charlotte Heijmans

Owner and founder

WooCommerce plugin

Instant Design Tool's free WooCommerce plugin allowed Studio Kunstwerkjes to easily connect her Wordpress site to the API. Print-ready PDFs for production were uploaded within the WooCommerce interface and sent automatically to PrintAPI.

“Support from Instant Design Tool has been very pleasant so far. Phone calls and emails are answered really quickly.”
Charlotte Heijmans

Owner and founder

High quality product images for website

At Instant Design Tool, we think beyond just providing software. We look at what each individual case needs. With a brand new site coming up for Studio Kunstwerkjes, PrintAPI provided beautiful product photos to use on the website, giving them the best possible start with the new website.

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The results

By combining the extensive product designer with WooCommerce and PrintAPI, Studio Kunstwerkjes had all the tools to kickstart her e-commerce business. By providing the complete e-commerce package, they could focus on generating brand awareness through various marketing campaigns. Judging by the first feedback Studio Kunstwerkjes has received from customers, she is well on her way with her online propositiion.

Parents visiting the website, experience the customization and purchasing process as very easy and straightforward. The design tool is easy to use and fun to work with. Because of the easy to use Toolmanager, API and WooCommerce plugin, Studio Kunstwerkjes is already thinking of expanding her product catalogue with even more ready to sell print-on-demand photo products. Her goal is to create a top-of-mind awareness with parents that have young children.

''People are surprised that I've created such a professional store in such a short time. I already see lots of opportunities to fine-tune my products so that they are even more tailored to my target group''  Charlotte Heijmans, Owner & Founder 

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