Intertoys is the biggest toy supplier of the Netherlands with more than 200 stores across the country. A combination of experience, innovation and being all-round ensures that they remain a competitive player in an ever-changing market.

E-commerce Manager Mariska Buiter explains why Intertoys chose to implement the Instant Design Tool, and how adding personalized products to their webshop fits their new strategy perfectly.

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The implementation of personalized products

Objectives and strategy

Creating unique experiences and customer interaction, that is the main focus of Intertoys. To contribute to this strategy, Intertoys chose for the Instant Design Tool.


This way they could satisfy the customer need for personalization and interaction, something Instant Design Tool was able to facilitate perfectly, making this into a success.


“The addition of personalized products reinforces the new strategy by making consumers more interactive with our brand and more connected to us.”
Mariska Buiter
Junior E-commerce Manager

As a result of the growing customer demand for personalization, Intertoys implemented the Instant Design Tool and discovered the benefits and features.Starting with party products, they quickly expanded their product line to include unique products for the holidays.


Customers can now create their own unique party products in the tool by adding backgrounds, clipart, photos and personal text.

“Our experiences with the tool are great, the Instant Design Tool is very easy to implement.”
Mariska Buiter
Junior E-commerce Manager
Entering new markets

With the new addition of products, Intertoys has entered a new market, the market for personalized products. Entering this market also means new competitors.


To tackle this new challenge Intertoys says: “By keep adding new products that fit our brand identity, we enhance our brand and therefore we have a stronger proposition than our competitors.”

The future for


With the implementation of the Instant Design Tool, Intertoys is ready for whatever the future brings.


 Predicting the future of toys is not easy, but Junior E-commerce Manager Mariska Buiter says: "Nowadays, toys are less age - and gender - specific, but more geared towards personal interests.Also technology plays a big part in the future of toys, like for example augmented reality".

“The software gives our customers the ability to create something for themselves, something they weren't able to find in a store.”
Mariska Buiter
Junior E-commerce Manager

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