is a well-established company in its industry, with a wide variety of photoproducts and a loyal customer following. knows how to remain distinctive in a competitive market filled with web shops that offer similar products.

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Delivering more

Online Marketeer Saskia Kiss explains how their philosophy of "delivering more than a customer expects" contributes to their current success,and how the Instant Design Tool plays a crucial role in achieving their company objectives and strategy.

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“We want to exceed the customer’s expectations and offer something unique. Selling personalized products helps us to achieve this goal and allows us to respond quickly to new trends and customer needs.”
Saskia Kiss

Online Marketeer

Objectives and strategy

The main objective: delivering the best quality and service, both offline and online. For this means a customer-friendly website and a positive experience for their site visitors.

Marketeer Saskia explains: "The Instant Design Tool contributes to our company objective because of the variety of features and products it has to offer. Customers have a positive experience designing their products and we want to inspire them by offering our own unique fun themes".

By enabling personalization for each product they offer, can live up to their customers expectations.

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Responsive design

The responsive design for mobile and tablet, also contributes to a positive online experience for their customers. Saskia says: "Providing our Instant Design Tool throughout the entire online customer journey, is important to us.Nowadays, customers start a design project on their mobile phone and finish designing on their desktop PC’s."

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“Selling personalized products enables us to build up a long-term relationship with our customer. Building such a relationship has all sorts of benefits in the long run.”
Saskia Kiss

Online Marketeer

Fast Delivery

Providing the best quality also means offering the fastest delivery without compromising on quality.

Through our reliable network of national and international parcel services, the Instant Design Tool helped achieve this goal.

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Implementation of the Design Tool offers its customers a variety of customizable photo products like photobooks, calendars, all decorations, gift items, office items, you name it, they’ve got it.

Saskia Kiss says; "By implementing the Instant Design Tool, we enabled our customers to completely make their own design by adding photos, text, fun clipart’s and shapes. The software is easy to use and the possibilities seem endless"

The Instant Design Tool helped grow and will continue to reflect and innovate together with the marketing team. This way, can hold its strong position in the personalized product market.

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“Our experiences are very good. We understand the possibilities the tool has to offer and our customers are also very happy with the features.”
Saskia Kiss

Online Marketeer

Competitive advantage can’t wait to see wat the future brings and wants to become a dominant player in terms of organic reach. Their experience with various marketing tools will help them achieve this goal, but the Instant Design Tool ensures that they can maintain their competitive advantage.  Being a strong player in an evolving market has its challenges but Saskia says: "With the help of the Instant Design Tool, we are ready for whatever the future brings".

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