Originating from a passion for design and a love of creating things, Lionstyle prioritizes its customers above all else, firmly holding the belief that special moments should receive more care and attention than simple pre-made products.

Every pre-designed product template is personally designed by Hugo van Leeuwen, ensuring each item's uniqueness. Whether you're looking for beautiful wall-art or customizable gift, Lionstyle offers a wide variety of products.

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Lionstyle is dedicated to inspiring individuals with its vision. Whether it's for a birthday or business party, every gift is valued and cherished at Lionstyle.

They take great pleasure in assisting their customers in this regard. Additionally, they firmly believe that the process of creating their products should be just as enjoyable as the result.

Discover the mission and vision of lionstyle

The Challenge

Lionstyle faced the challenge of providing customers with a large selection of customization possibilities for their products, all this while making sure that the entire process was as enjoyable and engaging as the finished products themselves.

The search for a design tool revolved around simplicity, both in terms of user-friendliness and seamless integration into their website.


“A company that genuinely collaborates with you, providing swift responses, and is also capable of delivering custom products.”
Hugo van Leeuwen

Owner and founder


1. A user-friendly editor

2. Photo editing options

3. Fast loading times 

4. Possibility of adding bespoke products

custom bespoke product templates from lion style in the Extensive Product Designer

The Solution

Based on his criteria for a suitable software solution, Hugo chose the Extensive Product Designer in combination with the print-on-demand add-on from PrintAPI and the WooCommerce plugin.

With these software solutions Hugo knew he was equipped with the right tools to make sure his e-commerce business can grow in the coming years.

The Extensive Product Designer integrated into the WooCommerce website of Lionstyle
“After trying the demo I realized the design tool is user-friendly and compatible with WooCommerce.”
Hugo van Leeuwen

Owner and founder

Intergrating the tools

Integrating the Extensive Product Designer with the WooCommerce plugin was a quick and easy process for Lionstyle.

The Extensive Product Designer was effortlessly set up thanks to its user-friendly installation process and straightforward instructions. By simply connecting the API codes with the site, the only thing remaining was adding the desired products to the site.

The fact that setting up the Extensive Product Designer doesn't demand any prior knowledge of website construction was perfect for Lionstyle.

Experience with the sales team

At Lionstyle there is a significant demand for custom products. When Hugo turned to Instant Design Tool for assistance, he found out that the companies' mindset was always oriented towards opportunities rather than obstacles.

''In combination with the fast responses and a good mix of formal- and informal contact, a highly favorable working dyncamic had been created'' 

“The tech-sales support team is the biggest plus of the Instant Design Tool.”
Hugo van Leeuwen

Owner and founder

Future goals

Lionstyle is all about building a remarkable reputation in the years ahead. They aspire to be the go-to choice for those seeking exceptional gifts or designs, with the assistance of the Instant Design Tool.

Lionstyle also has plans to enter the B2B market with their design and printing services. Enough reasons to keep building his amazing brand!

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