Introducing AI Studio

Revolutionize the way customers interact with your products with the groundbreaking AI Studio. A powerful combination of AI apps that enable users to unleash their creativity and produce stunning personalized products with ease.
  • Easy to integrate with your own software
  • Unique high-resolution print-ready images
  • Choose the AI app relevant to your products and services
Introducing AI studio

Enable effortless creation of personalized designs

From extensive image editing to design generation, AI Studio provides a suite of versatile AI apps to cater to diverse customer preferences and requirements. 

With its innovative features, advanced technology, and unparalleled versatility, AI Studio empowers you to explore new markets and to unlock new opportunities for creativity and customer engagement. 

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Elevate product personalization to an artistic level

Integrate the make a painting app and let customers transform their photos into captivating AI artworks using advanced artistic filters.

These customer-unique AI paintings then can be placed onto a poster, T-shirt, mug, you name it. The possibilities are endless.  Providing these one-of-a-kind creations to your customers will set your business apart.

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Enhance product appeal and visual aesthetics

Let customers adjust images to their liking using the magic erase and magic drawing tool.

By integrating these apps, you give your customers the option to add items or erase unwanted objects from their photos. Making it more likely that they'll purchase the photo on a personalized product in your store, because they now have a perfect photo without unwanted items or people in the background.

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Facilitate the creation of custom stickers

Add the make a sticker app to your product customization software and let users extract subjects from photos, creating transparent backgrounds. Customers can then place the cut-out image into any product template available in your design tool. 

This AI app is specifically suited if you offer merchandise items in your online store, such as apparel, mugs, or bottles. The generated sticker image contains no frame, making it perfect for laser engraving or other printing technologies that require cut-out images.

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Unique eye-catching designs

Allow users to replace photo backgrounds with different locations with the change background app.

With this innovative feature, your customers can effortlessly immerse themselves in the role of seasoned city explorer or global adventurer. Any photo can be turned into a romantic holiday picture with ease, making sure that even more photos can be used for your customer’s favorite products.

This tool is perfect for crafting book covers or creating stunning wall decorations. The possibilities are endless!

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Upscale images ready for print

Get optimal print quality and reduce return rates with the image enhancement app from AI Studio.

Give your customers the option to enhance the resolution and clarity of their photos. Photos they would normally not choose to place in a photobook, will now be available in high-resolution ready for print. 

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Transform ideas into unique AI masterpieces

Let customers convert their imagination and ideas into unique pieces of AI art to be placed onto your print-on-demand products like, T-shirts, photobooks, mugs, or any other bespoke product in your software.

Using keywords, desriptions and endless imagination, customers can create unique print-ready desings to go on every product that's listed in your product catalogue. 

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Intuitive whitelabel interface

From selecting your desired app to fine-tuning the smallest details of the design, every step of the process is seamlessly integrated into our interface. Navigating through AI Studio's interface is very easy for any user cerating stunning AI designs. 

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Integrate AI Studio

There are two ways to integrate AI Studio.

1. As an add-on to our design tools. This requires no programming work.

Choose our Extensive Product Designer and setup a design tool within minutes. Choose out of the hundreds ready-to-sell products like photobooks, posters and magazines and you are equipped with all the tools to conquer the market for personalized photo products.

Are you a retailer and looking for ways to add unique AI customization options to your products? Integrate our 2D & 3D customizer and let customers personalize T-shirts, bottles, mugs or other retail products in your store. This solution is suitable for sublimation, DTF/DTG and laser engraving technology

2. As a stand-alone tool for your own website or app. Via simple JavaScript SDK.

Choose the AI app that’s relevant to your brand and business and integrate seamlessly into your own product personalization software. 

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Sell personalized products with AI designs through print-on-demand

We offer a seamless integration with our printing partner Print API. You get full access to the extensive Print API product catalogue and we handle the production, packaging and shipment of your products worldwide. Let us manage your supply chain so you can focus on taking your business to the next level!

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