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Easily create and develop visual strategies for your clients’ content and advertising campaigns with Instant Design Tool. Resell your designs by building new exciting ways to engage your audience.

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Instant Design Tool for advertising agencies

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Instant Design Tool is the product design software that lets you create all sorts of advertorial content that best fits your client's marketing strategy. 
Build your customer's brand identity and resell it under your name. Our tool comes with an incredible variety of products, such as business cards and office decor to offer your client a unique house style for every need 



Help your customers reach their e-commerce goals by creating and reselling unique designs that fit your customer's branding and image. 
Develop a unique customer identity and increase your development capacity. Want to give it a try? Request your free 1-minute setup here

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Campaign advertisements are the essence of every business. With Instant Design Tool you can carefully design attractive marketing material to strengthen your clients' brand identity with promotional material for their new e-commerce website or store. Rapidly expand your marketing reach and potential, and connect with your clients both online and offline. Want to know more? Get in touch with us 

Customer case in advertising

Given the quick rise of start-ups and new businesses, there is an ever-growing need for a design tool that is able to generate printable designs on demand. With the implementation of Instant Design Tool, Webdesignhuis was able to design unique promo material like; leaflets, brochures, businesscards and other print-ready Pdf's to help their client achieve their highest potential. Find the full success case here.


A product design tool for every need

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Free setup and integration

Getting started with the creation of advertorial content is easy. Simply request your tool, customize it with your or your customer's brand identity and start designing! Our tool comes with a free WooCommerce plugin and a fully developed integration manual to seamlessly integrate it into almost any e-commerce marketplace

Flexible price plan

Instant Design Tool comes with several price plans aimed at fitting any business model. You can choose whether to subscribe to one of our subscription plans or buy loose PDFs to better match your clients' demand. Moreover, our plans are flexible. This means you can always upgrade or downgrade with no extra fees.

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