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We offer an all-purpose product design software that contains all the functionalities you would expect from a modern design application. We are supported by 25 years of experience in printing and e-commerce, both consumer and business-oriented.

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About us
Software as a Service (SaaS)

Users from all over the world implement our software to design and sell personalized products like photo photobooks, calendars, mugs, T-shirts, posters and many more products.


We help companies grow

Whether you have the technical knowledge or not, through our design tool we enable all types of entrepreneurs to achieve growth and success within the market of personalized products.


Accessible and affordable software for any ecommerce business, that's what we want and offer.

Our essence

Innovation, commitment, and creativity are the foundations that lay at the core of Instant Design Tool.

Our belief is that meaningful customer interactions are one of the most important factors in creating a memorable experience that turns first-time buyers into returning customers.

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Our clients

Instant Design Tool is the perfect product design software for starters or more established ecommerce businesses.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, our portfolio encompasses a variety of industries that require bespoke solutions for the implementation of customization possibilities. Check out our success cases to read more.

Our proposition

✔ Responsive HTML5 web application
✔ CRM + dashboard with user statistics
✔ Mobile compatibility
✔ Free templates and clipart 
✔ Fulfilment outsourcing options

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