Outsource your webshop logistics

By outsourcing the fulfilment part to us, you can focus on sales while we handle the printing, packaging and worldwide shipping for you!

  • No inventory risks
  • Worldwide shipping
  • White label
  • No start-up costs

You sell, we print and ship


You sell, we print and ship

We have an extensive range of high quality photo products, like cards, photo prints, photo books, calendars, and business cards. But also various gift items, face masks, and multiple types of wall decorations. With the software from Instant Design Tool you can give any product from your catalogue a personalized design and send the print-ready PDFs to the printing facility of PrintAPI. Sounds good right? 

Web-to-print solution

We are able to take care of the logistical process by handling the fulfilment part for you. Securing you from inventory risks, high start-up costs, and big investments. Start selling online and we will make sure your products are printed, packed, and shipped to your client! The fulfilment part is optional, this means that the PDFs that are generated through the tool can be downloaded and send out to a printing facility of your choice.


White label packaging

All generated orders from your website will be printed right away at our printing partners' facility. We will then pack and send the orders fully white-label, meaning we will use your logo on the packing slip and shipping label. Besides that, every package has its own track and trace code, allowing you to keep track of all orders that have been placed on your website!

Global shipping and prices

We have a large network of shipping partners making it possible to ship out your orders worldwide. Contact us today and we will inform you about the possibilities. Interested in our prices? Go for more information regarding the shipping prices and products to www.printapi.nl or contact us via e-mail info@instantdesigntool.com


Integration of the API

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E-commerce package

When downloading the design tool, a shopping cart is included where we use Mollie as our payment service provider. This is our easiest solution and does not require any installation or programming knowledge, making it easy to install and automatically gets you access to the fulfilment. We will pay-out your profits on a monthly basis. Start selling products without any difficult integration steps and manage all your orders with the included systems.

WooCommerce package

Using WooCommerce? Perfect! We've already created a plugin that allows you to easily connect Instant Design Tool to WooCommerce. Click here for the manual with information on how to connect to the WooCommerce Plugin. Since the fulfilment will be handled by PrintAPI, you will need to create a PrintAPI account. To help you out with the rest of the installation of the API, we have created a manual that will show you how to get started in 8 simple steps.


Entrepreneur package

Instant Design Tool is designed to integrate with just about anything. Want to keep using your current shopping cart and combine it with our fulfilment API? We have created an integration manual that explains all the steps on how to do so. When the integration of the API was successful, we can make sure your orders are printed on-demand and shipped to your clients. Need extra help with the integration? No worries!  Contact us and we’ll help you out!

Print-on-demand dropshipping through marketplaces

PrintAPI offers an automated integration with your favorite online marketplace. So if you were thinking about selling your print on demand products to a broader audience, this is now possible! All you have to do is register at www.printapi.nl, create a seller account on your desired marketplace and we will help you connect. Want to know more? Contact us and we will help you get started.                                                           

marketplaces integration

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