Drukvriend began their journey in November 2020 with a range of 40 customisable products. They have since then expanded to more than 150 products, and have their sights set on attaining 500 customisable gifts by the end of 2021. 

Focused on quality, uniqueness and finding a user-friendly software, co-owner Julian Broeders explains why Drukvriend chose Instant Design Tool to help attain their goals.

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Giving the customer full customisation freedom

Objective and strategy

As a result of an increasing demand for customisable gifts, Drukvriend is on a mission to become a key player in the market by offering an extremely broad range of products.


Aware that customers are growing tired of sending the same, generic gifts, they set out to ensure they can offer the perfect customised gift to every customer. 


Offering customisable products at an affordable price without sacrificing quality - these are among the reasons why Drukvriend chose to work with Instant Design Tool. 


“The Instant Design Tool is important to us. It allows our customers to customise their products entirely. This is ultimately what we want to offer. ”
Julian Broeders

Initially interested in the possibility of integration with WooCommerce, co-owner Julian Broeders quickly realised the potential of Instant Design Tool : "We were searching for a rapid, efficient way to begin our web shop, a way that it would appear professional from the very beginning". This, he says, is something that has been successful so far. 


Drukvriend immediately contacted Instant Design Tool about adding products to their Tool. This included puzzles, beer and wine labels, and a number of specific formats that were not included in the Tool. Within two weeks of the initial request, the products were up and running on their website.


Working together towards the perfect tool

Experiences with the Tool

Instant Design Tool offers an intuitive interface which can easily be used by both younger and older people. This is of particular importance to Drukvriend, as they aim to make customisation of gifts as accessible as possible. 


The Tool not only offers a considerable amount of customisation options, it also allows the company using it to decide which of these options they want to use. By creating product-specific templates, one can ensure that the process is as simple as possible. 


Working closely with the Instant Design Tool team, Julian was able to realise the specific vision he had for the Tool and his company.  

“A large number of fonts and clipart are available, but you still have the option to filter out certain things, allowing you to create a focused and simple template.”
Julian Broeders

The future of customisable gifts

Future Plans

Co-owner Julian Broeders hopes to see the company grow substantially over the next five years, securing a position in the market by offering increasingly unique gifts and approaching other, larger-scale customers. In this he sees Instant Design Tool to be an important partner, with a potential for mutually-beneficial growth. 


The flexibility the Instant Design Tool offers ensures that it will be easily adapted to any potential future product, while maintaining the levels of user-friendliness that Drukvriend's customers are used to. 

“We definitely see this as a healthy, long-lasting cooperation. ”
Julian Broeders

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